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Richmond, Tasmania, Australia

Richmond Bridge, Tasmania by JJ Harrison

Richmond (also known as Richmond Village) is a small town about 25km north-east of Hobart, in the Coal River region. Founded in the early 19th century, it is a popular tourist destination because of the many ancient structures and sandstone buildings from that time which are still intact.

Richmond was founded between 1823 and 1825, and the Richmond Bridge, Richmond's most famous landmark, is still standing, still in use, and the oldest bridge still in use in Australia.

St John’s Catholic Church was built in 1836, and is considered the oldest Roman Catholic Church in Australia.

Richmond Gaol still exists in it's original form and is said to be the oldest gaol in Australia. It held the convicts used to build the roads, Richmond bridge and many buildings in the area around Richmond.


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Photo ©: JJ Harrison

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